Treasure Chest Casino celebrates 23rd anniversary in Kenner, source of $136 million income to City

Treasure Chest Casino celebrates 23rd anniversary in Kenner, source of $136 million income to City

Article reprinted from Kenner Star September 2017 Edition – “Treasure Chest Casino celebrates 23rd anniversary in Kenner, source of $136 million income to City”

In its first year of operation, 23 years ago, Treasure Chest Casino paid the city of Kenner over $7 million. Since then, annual revenue to the city has ranged from $4.5 million to $7.9 million, totaling $136 million. The current lease formula, originally adopted by the city council, calls for the city of Kenner to annually receive two percent of Treasure Chest’s net gaming proceeds, in addition to $2.50 per boarding passenger.

Of that amount, the Kenner Police Department gets a full one percent of the net gaming proceeds, 24 percent of the second one percent net gaming proceeds and 24 percent of the passenger fees accounting for approximately 10 percent of the KPD’s budget. The city receives the 76 percent balance of the second one percent of net gaming proceeds along with 76 percent of the passenger fees. Of the money paid by Treasure Chest Casino to the city, by city ordinance, 50 percent is dedicated to citywide capital projects, 25 percent is divided equally to each council district for capital infrastructure maintenance and construction and the remaining 25 percent is used for reduction of the city’s debt.

In 1994, when the Kenner City Council agreed upon this disbursement formula it became the first major capital outlay funding in the city’s budget since 1982. Millions and millions of dollars in street, drainage and sewer work, among other capital improvements, have been paid for by Treasure Chest Casino monies benefitting all five council districts, contributing to a major part of infrastructure improvement in the city over the last two years. Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said, “We are proud to have had the Treasure Chest casino as a member of our community for 23 years. The Treasure Chest has been a fantastic neighbor to all of Kenner, helping our police department and providing capital improvements to our city.

Treasure Chest officials never say ‘no’ to requests, providing important constituent benefits throughout Kenner. I am proud and happy to acknowledge our Treasure Chest family as a true supporter of the city of Kenner and offer our thanks for the many things the Treasure Chest does for the both the city and the surrounding area.” Rodney Miller, marketing director of the Treasure Chest, is a native of the New Orleans area and has worked for Treasure Chest and parent company, Boyd Gaming, since 2002. “September is always a special month for us as we celebrate the community for its support throughout the years,” said Miller. “We are celebrating 23 years because of that support and loyalty of the surrounding community and we are very thankful and lucky to be located in the city of Kenner and be a part of such a great community.”

Treasure Chest Casino is located in Laketown at 5050 Williams Boulevard in Kenner. The casino is open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday and from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The casino’s phone number is 443-8000 and the website is

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