“Quantum Leap” new in city’s sculpture garden

“Quantum Leap” new in city’s sculpture garden

Internationally renowned artist Hunt Slonem has created a fifth sculpture, “Quantum Leap,” recently added to the Kenner landscape, his fourth in the Power Boulevard median sculpture garden along with another located on Loyola Boulevard. Slonem constructed “Quantum Leap” of heavy plated aluminum and hand painted and coated it with clear automotive finish.

The base of the sculpture is six feet by six feet and depicts nine large frogs which appear to be jumping over each other to the top of a large yellow cylinder. The height of the sculpture is 15 feet and it weighs approximately 1,500 pounds. Slonem works are in every major museum across the USA and he has over 250 solo exhibitions in prestige galleries and museums, domes
tic and internationally.

Slonem owns five historical homes across the country including two in Louisiana, Albania Plantation and Lakeside Plantation, all listed on the National Historic Registry. Slonem’s other three Power Boulevard sculptures are “Divine Assembly” depicting elements used in his painted oil canvases, “HOP” displaying stacked rabbits and “Swallow Tail” which is a sculpture of a butterfly supported by a curved pipe structure.

Reprinted with permission from the Kenner Star
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