New Ochsner Therapy and Wellness Center on Williams Boulevard open for patients

New Ochsner Therapy and Wellness Center on Williams Boulevard

A 6,500 square foot Ochsner Medical Center-Kenner Therapy and Wellness Center is now accepting patients at 3700 Williams Boulevard. The new center is located at the site of the longclosed Trauth’s Restaurant which was demolished by Ochsner in 2015. Richard Schnadelbach, an Ochsner physical therapist and supervisor of rehab services, says the new facility “is absolutely outstanding.

It is well-designed and includes the latest therapeutic and wellness equipment. It is certainly the outstanding facility of its kind in our region and ranks among the best nationally.” Schnadelbach said there are now 19 persons employed at the new center with interviews now ongoing to fill several more job openings.

Schnadelbach said as more patients are enrolled at the center, it is very likely there will be more job openings. He said that in addition to doctors, nurses and office personnel, the center staff incudes physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Emily Arata, director of economic development and community initiatives for the Ochsner Health Systems, said, “This new state of the art facility will expand much needed services for the Kenner community and all the other communities that we serve. It will expand our therapeutic and wellness services by more than 50 percent while enhancing Kenner from both an aesthetic and economic perspective.” Schnadelbach said the costs of the new therapy and wellness Center were part of an $8.7 million investment by Ochsner in Kenner to add new facilities and upgrade others.

“I think we are very fortunate to be located in Kenner,” said Schnadelbach. “Kenner is a very welcoming and inclusive community and there is a bond between the Ochsner Medical Center employees and the community. I think that the new therapy and wellness center will bring Ochsner and Kenner even closer together. We are a very busy place right now and I am sure we will see the number of patients that we serve continue to increase.”

Reprinted with permission from the Kenner Star
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